The Rules Of Attraction

September 30, 2014 Science London No comments exist

The Dating Games returns as a part of the RI Lates

In this edition of The Dating Games, Science London will be using facial recognition technology to explore the idea that we are more likely to be physically attracted to people with similar features to our own. Fancy testing it out? Then come and join the Science London team and research scientists for the latest instalment of ‘The Dating Games: Rules of Attraction’.

How it works
By using newly developed facial recognition software we can analyse faces quantifiably and therefore assess how similar two people look. Comparing this similarity score alongside a traditional speed-dating rating will mean we can investigate whether similarities sizzle or whether opposites really do attract.
We will be running two speed dating rounds:

  1. Virtual dating, which will record the software scores of facial similarity between pairs of participants;

  2. Traditional dating, where daters will speak to and rate each partner for skipped heartbeats.
Mutual Attraction by Teddy Llovet

After the dating, there will be a talk discussing the science behind the game and Science London will take your contact information to send through those all important love matches.

Will similarities set hearts racing or will we find dazzling conversation can supersede aesthetic appeal? Come along and find out!

Date: Friday 24th October 2014
Time: 6.30pm
Place: The Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street London W1S 4BS [gmap]
Cost: Please see details on the RI website for cost and ticketing.


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