The British Science Association (formerly known as the BA) envisages a society in which people from all walks of life are able to access science, engage with it and feel a sense of ownership about its direction.

We seek to achieve that by connecting science with people: promoting openness about science in society and affirming science as a prime cultural force through engaging and inspiring adults and young people directly with science and technology, and their implications.

Established in 1831, the British Science Association organises major initiatives across the UK, including the annual British Science Festival, National Science and Engineering Week, programmes of regional and local events, and an extensive programme for young people in schools and colleges.

The British Science Association is a charity established under Royal Charter and governed by a Council which forms the Board of Trustees. It is registered with the Charity Commission (number 212479) and with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (number SCO39236).

The British Science Association is managed by a professional staff, with around 30 people in the national office in the Wellcome Wolfson Building in South Kensington and 5 regional staff across the UK. The 16 scientific sections of the British Science Association, which contribute primarily to the annual British Science Festival, are run by committed volunteers. So too are the 30 or so branches, which organise events and activities locally across the UK.

Message from the Chief Executive:

Since we re-launched in January 2009 as the British Science Association the feedback from our supporters and colleague organisations has been very positive.  Everyone has been quick to accept and adopt the change of name and many have congratulated us on the new identity design.

From the moment we decided on ‘British Science Association’ as the new name we were determined to avoid initials or abbreviations.  This was because we had experience of the confusion that was caused by our old name and also because we operate in a field which is rife with initials and acronyms.  Many of these are opaque and confusing to the uninitiated (although we admit to using them occasionally ourselves!).

Since clarity of communication is an essential part of our mission and we are seeking to reach as wide an audience as possible, we shall continue to ask that we are referred to always as the British Science Association – in full please.

The British Science Association is registered charity no. 212479 and SCO39236.

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