A Quantum Workshop

What do you know about Quantum Physics? You may have heard about being in two places at once, “spooky action at a distance”, “God playing dice”, entanglement and teleportation. What a strange theory, crazy physicists!

Quantum Theory is true, it has been tested over and over again. It is used in technology, and there are many amazing experiments around the world exploiting Nature’s guilty little secret. Whether scientists are watching molecules being waves and particles at the same time, making balls of ultra-cold levitated trapped atoms, trying to make things you can see be in two places at once, or even just sending your bank details 100% securely, they are using Quantum Physics.

Have you ever seen a Quantum experiment? It’s likely not, and The Quantum Workshop team will show you real experiments that are used to probe the odd nature of this most enigmatic of theories, in an interactive way. Who knows, we may even find some new science on the way!

A preview?

Date: Wednesday 12th September 2012
Time: 7pm, for a 7.30pm start
Place: Upstairs at The Lamb, 92 Lambs Conduit Street, WC1N 3LZ [gmap]
Cost: Free


2 Responses to “A Quantum Workshop”

  1. Week In Geek: 10-16 September 2012 | Londonist Says:
    September 10th, 2012 at 11:02 am

    […] particles existing in two places at once, and generally behaving weirdly. Science London’s quantum workshop, upstairs at The Lamb (Lamb’s Conduit Street) promises to shed some light (it’s not […]

  2. phayes Says:
    September 12th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    “[…] being in two places at once, “spooky action at a distance”, […]”

    What a strange interpretation, (some) crazy physicists!


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