The Secret Life of Algae

You may not know it, but algae is undoubtedly the world’s most important organism. Scientists estimate that, rather vitally for all of life, it produces between 70 and 80 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Thanks, algae!

On Saturday 20th October, Science London will be making an appearance at the Bloomsbury Festival to show you what it’s like being algae. Forget angels and pin-heads, we will be conducting a craft-based investigation to see how much algae can fit into a waterdrop. Expect hands-on activities and probably more algae facts than you can handle.

Date: Saturday 20th October 2012
Time: Between midday and 4pm
Place: The Café at One KX, 120 Cromer Street, WC1H 8BS [gmap]
Cost: Free
The event on the One KX FaceBook page.

Summer Bloom in the Baltic Sea

Summer Bloom in the Baltic Sea courtesy of NASA

Pictures from the event van be seen here:


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