Building robots for fun and profit

Shadow is an unusual robotics company, founded as a group of amateurs wanting to develop robots that they thought no-one else was developing, and evolving into one of the world’s leading robotics engineering firms. On the way they’ve engaged with, and built robots for, everyone from the space community to the extreme end of the performing arts community.

Rich Walker is the Managing Director, a typical engineer/cat-herding role, having joined in the fun 20 years ago, because he wanted to write AI software. Rich was then told “we have to build the robots before we can write software for them”, and handed the wrong end of a soldering iron. He still wants to write AI software one day, but currently sets up European research projects, plans long-term roadmaps for the robotics community, and finds new and interesting things for the Shadow team to engage in.


Rich will talk about what robotics is about, where it could go, and some of the interesting problems in the domain.

Date: Wednesday 27th March 2013
Time: 7pm, for a 7.30pm start
Place: Upstairs at The Lamb, 92 Lambs Conduit Street, WC1N 3LZ [gmap]
Cost: Free

Poster for this event for you to print out and hang up in your place of work/study!


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