The Dating Games: Sniffing out a Soulmate

This is now SOLD OUT but we still have tickets for the After Party (starts at 9pm) so you still have a chance to find the love of your life the 15th with your friends Science London. You can get your ticket for £5 from EventBrite

It’s back! Bigger, better and ready to tackle Valentines Day!

We are seeking 20 guys and 20 girls who are attracted to the opposite gender and single to come and participate in our new speed dating game. So if you are open-minded, up for a laugh, looking for someone special and curious to learn about the science behind the dating game then what are you waiting for? This is the night for you!

When you arrive you’ll be greeted by one of the cheerful Science London crew, they’ll hand you a drink to help calm any nerves (we’re so good to you). Then once everyone has arrived we’ll be breaking the ice with a short burst of humour from the love guru that is Dr Steve Cross (co-creator of Science Showoff and Bright Club). No one can tickle that funny bone quite like he can.

For this game we are going to be investigating whether our noses can guide us to our perfect partner. Or in other words, can whether the fact that you like or dislike how a person smells predict whether you’ll swoon over them or not.

Now, we were thinking we could line you all up and get you to sniff one another (very amusing for us to watch), but we figured you’d all be doused in perfume and aftershave so therefore, to help your natural scent stand out we will be sending you all t-shirts to sleep in for the two nights before the games. And when you arrive we’ll collect these t-shirts in and place them into sealed bags for our first round…

Dating Games

Sniff that shirt: You’ll be given the chance to smell all of the t-shirts from the gender opposite to your own and grade them on whether you find them appealing, repulsive or just generally smelly.
After you’ve sniffed all the cotton we’ll move onto our second round…

Talk the talk: You’ll be given three minutes to talk to one another, a chance to discuss your likes, your dislikes, yours hopes and fears.

After you’ve smelt and spoken to all of your potential matches we’ll collect in the score sheets and start crunching those numbers. Whilst we’re taking care of that you’ll get to hear about the chemistry of attraction from Dr. Sujata Kundu, a GORGEOUS inorganic materials chemist who knows what causes men and women to act crazy in love.

The Science London data team will then report back to announce any successful pairings. Should we find a couple (or couples) who have liked each others smells and small talk we will foot the bill for their first date.

Will this novel dating approach help us to find true love? Honestly, we do not know. We had a fair few dates arranged at the Christmas games, some of which we hear are still going strong in 2013!

We think it is a shame that we can only invite 40 singletons to come and play in this game. Especially as it is Valentines day! So we are having a big (very BIG) after party!
A room of singletons with a live band, stocked bar, welcoming dance floor and general merriment are all guaranteed. And at only five pounds you can’t go wrong surely?

Note: An after party ticket only allows you to entry after 9pm, once the dating portion has ended.

When you purchase a ticket to the dating portion of this event you will be asked your postal address for t-shirt delivery (collection may be possible) and to submit a headshot of yourself.

When you purchase a ticket to the dating portion of this event there may be journalists at this event who may wish to talk to you about your experience; you will have the option to share your information or decline.

Date: Friday 15th of February 2013
Time: Doors open at 7pm (dates starting promptly at 7:30pm)
Place: Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, 42-46 Pollard Row, London, E2 6NB [gmap]
Dating Games – £10 (including a drink on arrival and entry to the after party)
After Party – £5 (doors from 9pm)
Both tickets can be bought from Event Brite or using the form below.

Please note when buying your ticket we have had to separate sales by gender to ensure a 50/50 split so make sure you pick the right ticket. We will not issue refunds for buying the wrong type of ticket.



2 Responses to “The Dating Games: Sniffing out a Soulmate”

  1. Clare Says:
    January 12th, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Do you have to be actually straight, or can you be bisexual or another sexuality involving (but not exclusively) attraction to another gender?

  2. Science London Says:
    January 12th, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Hi Clare,

    Yes the people taking part can be bisexual or other sexuality involving (but not exclusively) attraction to another gender. As long as the participant is aware that they will be paired up with members of the opposite gender, there will not be a problem.

    Science London

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